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Don’t fall victim to overcharging — I almost did

I guess we can call this part 2 of my “almost getting ripped off” adventures. Fresh off my bank shorting me on a deposit (my last post), I was over charged by two stores. For the record, I believe these were inadvertent mistakes and not intentional scams but I’m aware that I could be wrong […]

When my deposit got lost en route to my account

I was pleasantly surprised (actually shocked!) to get a letter from my bank admitting a mistake and saying they were going to deposit $1,000 into my account. Woo hoo! Well…. kinda. Here’s what happened. I made a deposit and didn’t realize that the receipt didn’t match the sum of the checks. The receipt was for […]

My favorite way to save money on my wardrobe

If you live in and around LA, I’m about to let you in on an open secret… you live in the world of sample sales. Once you go sample, you’ll never go retail. The savings are either significant or massive. I’m talking $15 or $20 for things you’ll find in retail stores going for $50 […]

No need to fight for this freedom

Let’s play a post 4th of July word association game that might blow your mind. It’s quick but powerful. Ready? What words do you associate with 4th of July? Fireworks. Freedom. Independence. Duh. What words do you associate with financial goals? Freedom. Independence. These are what I hear over and over — people want financial […]



I feel like a million bucks even if I don’t have it (yet :)
And I kinda want to cry . It feels good on so many levels.

‘Thank you’ feel insignificant. But, thank you.

— Pamela M.

“I had a great time with a subject I don’t like to speak about.”

— Patricia C.

“The information is priceless and of so much value. The environment was welcoming, warm, and any worries or questions I had were answered.”

— Raquel C.

“Tax time for me is very stressful. This will relieve a lot of it.”

— Patsy

“I highly recommend the workshops. They were engaging, fun and helpful.”

— Elisa

“The workshops bring finances out of the dark and into a clear light.”

— Jasmine F.

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