Be Great With Money

Learn a Basic System for an Exceptional Life

We are a nonprofit on a mission to make ‘the good life’ accessible to those willing to learn how to care for their money. We have the honor of teaching courageous people a practical and heart-centered financial management system. We teach you how to save, spend, and succeed without breaking a sweat. Welcome to the Financially Fit Foundation.

How We Do it:

We teach live audiences how to handle money responsibly and feel great about doing it.  We hold your hand through four engaging workshops lasting about 1 ½ to 2 hours each (depending on questions from participants). We host small groups of about 20 or go to organizations and businesses with at least 10 participants.

Each workshop covers a key area of personal finance – organization, budgeting, banking & credit cards, and your relationship with money. While each workshop is whole on its own, the real magic is in how they build on each other to become a complete system. The purpose of the system is to become great with money day to day and year after year, or in other words, to make you financially fit.

Whether your goal is to be comfortable, ridiculously rich (however you define that), or somewhere in between, financial fitness is the foundation upon which to build a sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle.

Who We Teach

You’re game on to get financially fit! You don’t need any convincing that taking care of your money is important and you’re willing to put in the work. You just need to learn a system that works.


If any of these resonate with you, there’s a good chance you’ll benefit from our system:

  • You’re getting by but the path you’re on isn’t leading to your desired lifestyle
  • Credit card debt is piling up and you’re ready to take it down!
  • You don’t want to repeat the mistakes that led you to bankruptcy
  • You feel anxious dealing with money and making financial decisions
  • You wonder, “where does all my money go?!”
  • You have less than great credit (or don’t know what your credit score is)
  • You make decent money but don’t feel like you’re saving enough


  • You’re tired of learning lessons the hard way or you want to avoid making painful mistakes in the first place
  • You live by hope and prayer that no unexpected expense arises
  • You spend money that you don’t mean to because it feels like you need to
  • Math isn’t your favorite subject and you’re no fan of excel spreadsheets (that works because we don’t use any!)
  • You have a love/hate relationship with money
  • You have lots of money but are not equipped to hang on to it or grow it
  • It’s your first time living on your own

Benefits of Our System

Give all your documents a home

Enough clutter, piles, and fearful stashing. Your documents should have a place.

Track Your Income and Expenses

Finally know where all your money is going.

Create a Budget (that you LOVE)

No deprivation with this liberating approach.

Avoid costly financial mistakes

And start saving like you’ve been meaning to.

Monitor Your Cash Flow

Be fearless about looking at your bank statements, once and for all.

Prepare to file your Income Tax

No more torture or pain when it comes to getting ready to pay Uncle Sam.

Prepare for an IRS audit

Enough with being afraid of the IRS.

Overcome mental and emotional barriers to financial fitness

Feel at ease having money and peaceful about taking care of it.

Create healthy new financial habits

There is an art to all this. It’s not that scary, really.

Learn the system in 4 simple workshops

The Organization Workshop

Get everything with a dollar sign on it organized whether it arrives by mail, email, or walks itself into that pile on your countertop. You’ll learn an intuitive system for handling all your important documents like mail, bills, and receipts. This system keeps you organized by giving all of these pesky papers an easy-to- find home. This will make it easy to keep track of your income and expenses, so you’ll have no trouble staying within your budget. We review what documents you need to keep and for how long (especially in case of an IRS audit.) Whether you’re an organization pro or feel allergic to it, you’ll find this common sense system easy to adopt. With everything in order, you’re all set to plan the lifestyle of your design.

Creating a Budget You Embrace

Let go of your fear and embrace the B word — budget. This isn’t about cutting out fun; this is about defining your personal priorities, aligning them with the sage advice of financial experts (if you choose to), and coming up with a plan. You’ll learn the less obvious (but massive!) financial and emotional benefits to this special kind of budget. Incorporating the science of money and happiness, you’ll find ways to cut your costs, get a grip on spending, live happily within your means, sleep well without worrying about bills, and make informed decisions about big expenses and purchases. Soon you’ll have all your numbers in shape, and your financial fitness system will be easy to stick to month after month.

Banking & Credit Cards

Now that you’ve gotten organized and determined your budget, you’re ready to track your expenses (and make graceful pivots in spending choices if need be.) You’ll learn how to track your spending in each budget category. You’ll gain the critical knowledge you need about the financial institutions that we do business with. You’ll learn the accounts you need and the ones to stay away from. Learn what you can rely on your bank for and what you can’t. You’ll learn to perform the holy grail of financial fitness – reconciling your accounts. You’ll learn the responsible way to use credit cards, how to avoid the most common and costly mistakes, and how to pay off credit card debt. Get tips on spending and saving to easily achieve the plan you’ve laid out for yourself.

Your Relationship With Money

To successfully implement any new set of habits, both your head and heart need to be on the same page. In this workshop you’ll uncover the thoughts, beliefs, and feelings about money that are keeping you stuck in old ways. For this system to work, you’ll need to be comfortable having money and taking the action you’ve learned in the first three workshops. Whether it’s issues of deserving or worthiness, attachment to limiting beliefs, or negative feelings about money and people with it, we’ll help you understand your current mindset and set you on a path to a healthy one. Discover why money behaves like a person and how to treat it accordingly. This will make financial fitness stable, predictable, and natural for you. You’ll be great with money.

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Meet the Board

Olivia Galicia

Olivia Galicia

Founder & President

Owner of Glauber Management Group

Ruth Ledesma Hern

Ruth Ledesma Hern


Senior Assistant to the CEO and Board of Director Liaison of the YWCA Greater Los Angeles

Dr. Sandra Eberhardt, PhD

Dr. Sandra Eberhardt, PhD

Board Member

Founder Healing SKEEM Women’s Center

Veronica Corona

Veronica Corona

Board Member

Entrepreneur, Owner and Managing partner of CM Cleaning Solutions, Inc

Natalie Torres

Natalie Torres

Board Member

Award winning author of International Latino Book Awards for her book Financially Savvy in 20 Minutes. Partner of Educated Latina.

What People are Saying

I feel like a million bucks even if I don't have it (yet :))
And I kinda want to cry. It feels good on so many levels. Thank you.

Pamela M.

I had a great time with a subject I don’t like to speak about.

Patricia C.

Tax time for me is very stressful. This will relieve a lot of it.


I highly recommend the workshops. They were engaging, fun and helpful.


The workshops bring finances out of the dark and into a clear light.

Jasmine F.

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