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7 signs that will make you THISCLOSE to being good with money!

By November 28, 2017 No Comments
You’d love to be good with money and be less stressed, but it feels too far out of reach. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you’re probably much closer than you think. These signs may seem trivial, but they are real indicators that you’re on the right path.
7 signs that you’re THISCLOSE to being good with money:
1.    You open the mail
I’m not kidding. If you open the mail and look at the documents inside the envelope (or inbox), it means that you’re willing to see the truth of your financial situation, even if it isn’t pretty. You dare to look at your bank statements and credit card bills when others never let them see the light of day.
2.    You’ve disputed a charge on your credit card
This means that you look through your credit card statement to see that the charges look familiar. When something looks fishy, you pick up the phone and get to the bottom of it. You are an advocate for your hard-earned money.
3.    You’ve stopped saying “I can’t afford that”
No phrase in the English language has likely been uttered more often, but it’s not coming from you, at least not anymore. Somewhere along the way you became conscious of the power of your words and thoughts, and sensed that you could be creating a self-fulfilling prophecy by speaking this way.
4.    You feel comfortable talking about money with at least one person
Most of us were taught that talking about money was wrong, and many of us carry shame about our finances. But if you have been able to break out of that conditioning and can share your financial thoughts, feelings, and goals with even one person (even if it’s a person you’re married to) then you’re headed in the right direction.
5.    You really want to know where all your money has gone
Plenty of us wonder “where the heck did all my money go?!” You’ve tried to figure out the answer. Tracking your expenses can be complicated these days with so many different payment methods, so it’s understandable if you were unable to solve the mystery. The important thing is that you genuinely want to know.
6.    You have a savings account
Doesn’t mean there’s much or any thing in there, and you’d like to know how to put more money in it, but for now, at least you have one.
7.    You don’t believe that people with money are all greedy, selfish, or otherwise bad
You understand that money is neutral; it’s energy, a form of exchanging value, there’s nothing inherently evil about money. People can exhibit greedy or selfish behavior in the name of money, but money itself isn’t the bad guy.
So are you closer than you suspected? If you’re ready to be good with money, and just need some structure and support, check out our brand new Financially Fit Makeover program. You can do it! You’re. So. Close.
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