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7 suggestions for saving at the nail salon

By February 22, 2017 No Comments

Raise your perfectly-manicured hand if you love having your nails done. *Raises hand.* I love feeling polished and put-together with a good manicure, but I also know all of those salon visits add up quickly.

Let me first soothe any worries about the direction of this post: Don’t worry, I’m not about to tell you to quit getting your nails done. I’m going to share a hard-to-believe-more-people-don’t-know-this tip (and a few related suggestions) that will make beautiful hands and feet fit easier into your budget.

Here it is: I avoid getting manicures altogether.

Before you think I just went back on my word about the direction of this post, keep reading!

Instead of a mani/pedi, I get a color change on my hands and feet. The end result looks the exact same but with $5-$10 saved each trip. That doesn’t sound like much but flexing my “saving muscles” on small expenses has helped me build up financial muscle strength for saving on bigger ones. If you’re into the numbers, it’s essentially a “free” color change every third trip.

Some places will charge a couple dollars to cut your nails if you’ve asked for a color change, but filing and buffing is included. Even if you have to pay a few bucks for cutting, it’s still worth it to stick with the color change.

If you’re concerned about cuticles, just run your thumbnail along the cuticles on the opposite hand after you’ve been in the shower for 5 minutes (once a week). The dead skin will fall off and the rest will get pushed back.

To maintain soft feetsies, I use a foot file or pumice stone once a week. I only scrub for about 10 seconds on each foot as too much removal can make calluses come back faster and/or thicker. These two weekly habits make my hands and feet look like they’ve been fully mani’d and pedi’d.

The other way I get the most mileage out of these color changes is by my polish choices. I like brands that stay on well (but that aren’t gel or acrylics). My faves are OPI Shine and CND Vinylux. As for the color, I use a neutral color on my hands, and go for the more vibrant, bold choices on my toes. This is for fashion as much as it is about not blowing my nail budget. Polish tends to stay on toes much longer than fingers, and having a neutral color on my hands means those inevitable chips are much less noticeable. I definitely skip the jewels and other trendy touches. Call me boring, but I prefer “classic” and financially savvy J

And finally, I go to the salon on a schedule rather than when my nails look like they need it. I never go more often than every two weeks. If my nails don’t look great before the two weeks are up, I take the polish off and wait it out.

One last tip: Don’t skimp out on a generous tip. Being financially fit doesn’t mean being cheap. Reward good work where you find it. Plus, it’s good financial karma.

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