Our Mission

To eradicate financial illiteracy.
To prepare young adults to handle money responsibly and to teach adults how to keep from making the same financial mistakes.
To end the individual and collective distress, desperation and suffering over money.
To teach habits and provide tools that lead to sound financial decisions.
To make financial information available outside the realm of sales. For this reason, our workshops are sales-free — we do not sell insurance, investments, or other financial services or products.

In short, we teach people how to manage their finances, get financially fit, and achieve the lifestyle of their design.

Financially Fit Foundation is 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization.

Hi, I'm Chelsea Galicia. This is my mom, Olivia Galicia.

Back when the recession hit in 2008, we saw that a lot of people who appeared perfectly put together, financially sound, were unraveling. Friends, family, acquaintances, and near-strangers alike would share their dire financial situations with my mom, so curious about how our family and businesses went unfazed by the surrounding chaos.

Many of their stories had a similar theme: Money was stressful before the recession, but they were mostly OK. They managed. But with the downturn wiping many of them out, they faced difficult decisions. They were afraid to lose their homes, dignity, and the lifestyle they worked so hard to build.

When looking more closely at these people’s stories, my mom found something interesting. There wasn’t a single catastrophic bad choice or circumstance that led to their financial downfall. These people had just made seemingly innocent choices, small mistakes, day after day and year after year. They just didn’t really know how to manage their money, and that had devastating effects.

Of course, while we talked to just a few people, this isn’t an isolated problem.

A walk around your favorite bookstore or a simple Google search will reveal that there are lots of courses out there offering some version of: How to make millions, How to grow your money, Where to invest, or How to become rich beyond your dreams. They want to make you the next Gates, Oprah, or millionaire.

Our commitment

This is not that course. Sure, those things can happen (and my mom is one great example of how you can totally change your life), but this is not for those who seem to have the Midas-money touch. This is about the basics, helping people who were never taught, or didn’t learn, an effective way of handling money. We teach the every day, every month, and every year habits and ways of thinking to keep you on top of the world – or at least your money (which is kinda the same thing, right?)

We are committed to showing you how to keep and enjoy the money you have. We want you to feel good about the money you spend. We’ll show you how to save for unexpected expenses, job loss, to change the world or accomplish anything in the realm of possibility – even if that’s just sleeping easier and not worrying about bills.

More than just being able to afford your lifestyle, we believe that getting control of your finances opens channels of creativity, fuels your ability to contribute, and provides peace of mind. Just removing that constant stress of “survival” opens up things you never thought possible.

Now that you know what we do, here’s why we do it.

My mom's story

My mom was born in Mexico to parents who never went to school, and whose first home had a dirt floor and cardboard roof. When she was seven, her mother (my Abuela) became a single mother. When my mom was 12, she came to the U.S., not speaking a word of English.

None of these circumstances stopped her from graduating high school and building a family. She was married, had me and my younger sister, and at 27 she quit her full time job and started working part-time while she went to college.

I was 10 when she graduated with her degree in Business Administration & Accounting. She passed the Certified Public Accountant’s exam, but didn’t become a CPA because she wanted to be self-employed immediately.

Thanks to my parent’s tireless efforts and my mom’s excellent grasp on personal finance, I had everything I could ever need growing up. I’m not even offended if someone calls me “spoiled”. We had the houses, cars, nannies, vacations, and lots of other indulgences which I mention not to brag, but to show how far my mom has come.


Now we’re back to 2008, and back to all of those people whose lives were crumbling around them thanks to some simple money mismanagement. This has devastating effects for individuals and their families, and some are still recovering, but it’s important to know that it’s not entirely your fault.

How could we expect a nation of financial geniuses when no one really teaches us how to handle our money?

… but it’s not the economy’s either.

Sure, people have always told us to spend less and save more, but no one really shows us how to actually do that. Under the guise of prosperity, it was easy to pretend everything was great, but when that facade got wiped away during the recession, it became painfully obvious that we didn’t really know what we were doing with money.

Which, is pretty great news.

Yes, you read that right. The transparency and sense of urgency the recession created meant that my mom could help people learn and create a happier financial future.

The Foundation is Born

The Financially Fit Foundation was born in 2011 out of her desire to avoid seeing people in this scary situation again. She’ll teach anybody willing to learn to manage his or her money.

She developed a system for herself over the last 25 years that has worked at home and in business alike that is easy to use. You may be thinking, But she’s an accountant! Of course she can do this. While that certainly informed her creation of the system, which she developed after years in college, managing our family’s finances, reading books, talking to experts, running a business, and familial knowledge, passed down from my Abuela who had her own amazing financial accomplishments during her lifetime, this system is easy for everyone, even those of you who are allergic to numbers.



My mom knew she had the desire and knowledge to help people achieve peace with money, but she felt that she wasn’t the best to communicate those concepts and lead the workshops. She is a self-described “behind-the-scenes” kind of person, and since I love talking (I’m a web TV host and a lawyer) and teaching, it made so much sense that we work together.

Besides, I’ve been through the system myself. I had always been OK with money, but as I got older (and wiser), I finally listened to my mom, and learned to be financially fit myself. I never felt as liberated as I did when I gained full control of of my money.

Perhaps the most important reason I’m here is that over the last three decades, I’ve honed my ability to translate my mom’s ‘sophisticated accounting’ with a side of ‘English is my second language’ manner of speaking into something you can work with.

Together we work to teach people how to manage their finances, get financially fit, and ultimately achieve financial freedom.

We know that getting control of your finances provides peace of mind, and that alone makes it worth your time. Having just that peace of mind frees up so much time and energy spent on worry and anxiety that your creativity and contribution, the real reasons you’re here, suddenly blossom. Our planet is brighter and each of our lives are enhanced when we are peaceful, joyful, and free to share these gifts.