In 12 weeks You’ll Learn About:


Getting Organized and Systemized

In our Organization Workshop, you’ll get everything with a dollar sign on it organized whether it arrives by mail, email, or walks itself into that pile of paper on your countertop. You’ll learn an intuitive system for handling all your important documents, like mail, bills, and receipts. This system keeps you organized by giving all of these pesky papers an easy-to-find home. It also makes it easy to keep track of your income and expenses, so you’ll have no trouble staying within your budget, and we’ll show you what documents you need to keep, for how long, and why (especially in case of an IRS audit!)

Creating a Budget You Embrace

In our Budget Workshop, we’ll show you how to let go of your fear and embrace the spending plan (that’s a euphemism for ‘budget’ in case that word makes you a little anxious!) This is more than getting your finances in order; this is about defining your personal priorities and aligning them with the sage advice of financial experts (if you want!) You’ll learn the less obvious (but massive!) financial and emotional benefits to a budget that you are actually excited to stick with. You’ll find ways to cut your costs, get a grip on your spending, live happily within your means, sleep well without worrying about bills, and make informed decisions about big expenses and purchases. Whew, so many goodies jam packed into these two hours! Soon you’ll have all your numbers in shape, and your financial fitness system will be easy to stick to month after month.

Banking & Credit Cards

After getting your budget in ship-shape, you’ll be ready for our Banking & Credit Card Workshop, where you’ll learn the critical things you need to know about the financial institutions that we do business with. You’ll learn how to track your expenses and perform the holy grail of financial fitness – reconciling your accounts. You’ll learn the proper use of credit cards and how to avoid the mistakes that cost you the most as well as the most efficient way to pay off credit card debt. We’ll review all the information we’ve covered in the first three workshops to show you how they work together synergistically to give you financial peace of mind.

Your Relationship With Money

We always end with our Relationship With Money Workshop. Your relationship with money is the single largest determining factor of your financial success or failure. We’ll help you discover your emotional and mental obstacles to having the financial peace you desire, and help you let go of the thoughts and beliefs that don’t support your success. You’ll learn to make your financial fitness stable, predictable, and natural, and feel great about money.

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